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Sustainably Feminine: How To Bleed In Peace - Quick Switch #007

Sustainably Feminine: How To Bleed In Peace - Quick Switch #007

Sustainable body care is an absolute no brainer, especially when it comes to caring for one's most intimate body parts.

However, it took me a while to make the switch. It was a matter of ecological awareness and practical knowledge. Once I realized that my pads and tampons were forever sitting in a landfill, I wanted to make a difference. But I did not know how (even my doctor did not know about the DivaCup back in 2007!!). So it was also a matter of community--or lack thereof. I didn't know a single other woman who was interested in eco-friendly periods, much less actually using sustainable products herself.

Happily, I can now report that there are several women in my life--and millions upon millions around the world--who have "green-ed" their periods. Ecologically-loving and female-empowering period supplies are becoming more popular and, thus, more readily available to all. Woot!

I share this #QuickSwitch with the hope that it helps women who face the issues of awareness, knowledge, and communal support that impeded my steps toward sustainable feminine care years ago.

This post is also a whoop of joy with the many other women who have found a way to 'bleed in peace!'

The Quaint Hankie: Quick Switch #006

The Quaint Hankie: Quick Switch #006

In the past I have used toilet paper for ordinary nose-blowing situations and, perhaps, some of those soft lotion-ized packs of tissues when a cold came calling. However, last month a virus struck the Coyle-Carr household during our Uber-Frugal Month Challenge (I mentioned the challenge briefly here).

It is funny how small shifts in priorities--even for a short amount of time--can make room for new rhythms. It is also interesting the way a change in one "department" can significantly impact other areas as well; everything is truly connected. Because we participated in the frugal month challenge, I thought twice about requesting tissues from the store.

My husband Aaron took the plunge first. While still sniffling, he got paid to go sit in a room for 8 hours with strangers. He took his trusty blue handkerchief and a bottle of gifted hand-sanitizer. And it worked.  

Between Aaron's positive testimonial and the encouragement of our frugal month, I found myself ready to take the next step on my zero-waste journey:



Off the Bottle: Quick Switch #005

Off the Bottle: Quick Switch #005

One of the quickest steps toward sustainability and living righteously with creation is to forego plastic water bottles.

Let's just let them go, beloveds.

Under normal circumstances, there just ain’t no need for their waste of resource and finance. Those suffering due to natural disasters or chemical spills, they have reason to use packaged water. Those of us who find ourselves safe and out of harm’s way, however, can go off the bottle.

What’s wrong with disposable water bottles?  

Well, I am glad you asked.

The Paper Towel Problem: Quick Switch #004

The Paper Towel Problem: Quick Switch #004

In which we talk paper towels. | I spent some time in the beautiful Asheville, NC last week and picked up this very simple and very quick switch that I just had to pass along. The tip came straight off a printout posted in the restroom at “The Hop” ice creamery near downtown. I wish I would have snapped a picture of it for you, but, um, there was ICE CREAM.

Today I called the fun folks who run the place and they happily texted one right over (how cool are they?!).

In Which We Talk T.P.: Quick Switch #003

In Which We Talk T.P.: Quick Switch #003

In which we talk toilet paper and creatureliness.

We all go, well, potty, and most of us employ the use of ye ol’ toilet paper. Of course, there is almost an entire continent that goes another route, but today let’s just assume everyone reading is on the roll.

And I promise to keep this short because, uh, I am talking about toilet paper. Yep.

Meal Planning: Quick Switch #002

Meal Planning: Quick Switch #002

This week’s #quickswitch has to do with what you eat!

When it comes to making strides toward sustainability, there is A LOT to say about food. Today, however, let’s focus on one. simple. switch.


Take it from this divinity student, my family would not eat unless we had a plan! In the very least, without our awesome meal plan we would not be eating as well as we do. 6:42 pm would roll around every day and I would look up from my reading and be like, “Uh, takeout?”

Ain’t nobody got money for that.

Ain’t no body made for that either.

Meal planning is a fantastic and (moderately) easy switch to help us eat more sustainably and enjoyably!