Me & Aaron, c. May '16

Me & Aaron, c. May '16

about leanna


I am baptist, ecofeminist, homemaker, MDiv, pastoring woman, and wife. 

I love Jesus and the upside-down Kingdom He is birthing into creation. 

My life is a response to the liberating love of God in this wild and wondrous world. My job is to make that love easier to see, taste, touch, and know--through ministry, writing, homemaking, and keeping the earth.


Ministry is in my blood. I am a third-generation minister-type on my father's side. Over my 27 years I have led worship, written curriculum, worked in restaurants, pastored a group of incredible Atlantan teenagers, and served as a live-in worship leader & chief chicken keeper on an urban Mennonite church-farm. I am currently studying at Wake Forest School of Divinity and absolutely falling in love with the Liturgical Year. Ecological-Feminist Theology is feast for my soul!

Admittedly, I very well may be the polka-dot sheep in the family (say "feminist" in the South and see what happens), but I know Love from family and framily all the same. Polka-dots are cute anyway, in my opinion.

Folks tell me I have a knack for leadership. They are probably right, but many days I feel that I am still growing into it.

That is just as well, because growing is exactly what I am supposed to be doing right now. As a recent divinity grad and the wife of an ordained minister, learning is totally what. we. do.

Which can be scary as hell. A few years ago God completely turned my world upside down.

Our dog, Barkley Roy. <3 He's always up for an adventure.

Our dog, Barkley Roy. <3 He's always up for an adventure.

We brave the risk and adventure of becoming who we are meant to be by keeping time with the Year and plunging in with our community.

Hospitality toward the great cloud of witnesses, the folks in my neighborhood, and our dog Barkley keeps me attentive and rooted to the present—God’s creation unfolding before my very eyes.

Thanks for being here.