How We Novembered

We Novembered this year in perpetual motion.

It was a really great month, but there were very few moments for extracurricular reflection. 

Here’s what happened:

1. We moved.

At the end of October I shared that my husband Aaron has just received his first call to pastor a congregation in Greensboro, NC. At that point we were still living in our beautiful little carriage house in Winston-Salem and desperately wanted to move into our church's neighborhood.

Aaron worked arduously to find us a new home, which was an enormous service of love. While I poured myself into my studies, Aaron jumped through all the hoops—I am pretty sure he tore a few down!—of home hunting, all the while diving in headfirst into his new job. Yeah. He’s the absolute best. 

Moving day was an incredible experience. Friends from Wake Divinity and a few from our new church came and helped us load the truck at the storage unit.

Six people had our ENTIRE LIVES loaded into a truck in UNDER 45 MINUTES. Wow. Just wow. 

Then, when we arrived in Greensboro all of my parents and basically the whole church showed up to unload the truck and set up house. Like, after I got home from returning the MAMMOTH Penske truck, not only was there food on the table, but my kitchen was completely unpacked, pretty, and clean. Blessing!

2. School got real. REAL real.

I think most of the world knows this, but I had forgotten the black hole of deadlines, preparations, examinations, and otherwise academic demands that completely absorbs the end of a semester. The day after we moved I hit the books and did not look up until after my last exam this past Friday.

I even did homework on Thanksgiving day.

To be honest, though, it has really been worth it. I feel like I have been waiting and preparing my whole life for this experience (which is in itself preparation for the rest of my life). I am so very thankful for the Wake Forest School of Divinity community and the challenges it sets before me.

3. We fell in love with our new church.

November was accented by some serious loving with our new church family. I’m talking good conversations, hundreds of hugs from the littlest members, encouraging notes flying to and fro, food dropped off “just because,” and, glory, one of our incredible deacons gave us a bedroom suite. A BEDROOM SUITE.

We are so lucky to find ourselves in the midst of this beautiful community. They ain’t holding back, not with their love or hospitality. I can see the Kingdom.

4. Our marriage turned two.

We celebrated over memories and Mexican food. Then we both went back to work, he to the church and I to my paper-writing. This is how we do. We need not elaborate gifts or expensive whathaveyous (thought that IS fun sometimes!). This year it was an adventure simply to look into his eyes, to share our dreams over nachos, and empower one another in the Work to which we are called. It is grace to love this man.

Some of my favorite moments from our wedding day back in 2013.

And that's how we Novembered.