Seven Gratitudes, vol. 15

Good morning, beloveds. I am writing to you from my favorite place in the library while I take a second to breathe between two papers. You ought to see me; I could be the definition of “grunge.” There is a certain eau de musk, you know, that one earns by writing papers. It is a layered scent with overtones of cold coffee, old books, straight fear, and dogged determination (emphasis on the DOGged). Be glad computers cannot transmit scent. ;)

I turned in my first term paper this morning, and am about to begin research for another on this Good Friday—one paper down, four to go!—but for the sake of my soul, my commitment to the #SevenGratitudes gang, and the promise I made to myself back at the turn of the year, I come to this moment of remembering grace, of remembering ways God has reminded me over and over of Her nearness and that that I belong, that we all belong.

I hope that you find yourself at home today, friends. In the shadow of the cross, the confusion of tomorrow, and in the hope of Sunday morn, there is room for you and all your wonderings. You have an essential place in this story. I hope you find yourself anew this weekend as Christ does what He does.

Here are my 7 very, VERY quick thanksgivings:

This week I am grateful…


For Dr. King’s willingness to stride toward freedom, no matter what.


For the chance to sit in the warm sun on my friend’s front porch; for her hospitality and desire to be true friends.


For the gift of a developing thought; for the feeling of surprise it brings to my belly. That humans have the capacity to figure, consider, and grow in Wisdom.


For the ways ancient stories and current realities can talk to one another, shedding new light on each story.


For the reminder that I have to do hard things and that I can do hard things.

For new meaning in a familiar verse, “I can do all things through Christ…” For the themes of endurance and magnanimity that wound their way through this Holy Week.  


For the chance to pilgrimage this week, despite the hectic realities of end-of-term responsibilities.

Wake Div set up a beautiful canvas labyrinth in the chapel for 24 hours this week. The labyrinth design was on a large cream canvas in raised sage-green velvet. Enchanting.

I am thankful for the chance to walk with God in such a manner and for the way God enriches time itself when we walk hand in hand. She gave me permission through the experience to keep my eyes on my feet; I felt disoriented and lost if I looked too far ahead at the twisting turns of the journey. It is okay to focus on one step at a time if God is in it.


For the ways Holy Week has been unfolding around me and my community—for the fact that it has happened without my effort or even my consent.

Jesus comes to us and stays with us. He waits for us to lift our eyes to His and see that we are not alone.

I am thankful that I am not alone, and I remember today, of all days, what it cost Jesus for us to taste such communion.

Thank You, Jesus, thank You.

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