For Dancing, Carbohydrates, & Anger - Seven Gratitudes, vol. 19

The changing weather this week has just about matched my moods, and probably also my needs. I am a creature of mud, a wild experiment of this good earth and a little Good Will. At one moment I could be cool as a shock of breeze; the next I might be so balmy warm that everything goes slack, wet, and sticky! Weather, I am telling you, changes quick and amazing these days—each shift somehow necessary and good for the equilibrium and flourishing of life.

My gratitudes reflect the bouncing of my emotional barometer this week. There were moments of pressure and pleasure both—all made good, somehow, in Light of the whole.

This week I am thankful…


For the woo and wind of a wedding.

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Friends Laurie and Adam were wed this past Saturday. As I told the beaming bride, I think it was one of the best weekends of my life. Aaron and I co-officiated the service, and, from my vantage point by the altar, I glimpsed a unique nearness of the Divine. I felt Her wooing and winding those two beautiful lives together as we prayed, sang, pronounced, and processed. Grace was on the move and I felt it.

Talk about a swell in the weather system! My heart was fair to bursting!

It still is, I notice.


For dancing, for the euphoric gift of being able to let go and just DANCE.

Of course there was dancing at the wedding, and of course I joined that fun. It is interesting, however, that it takes a moment or two to warm up to the idea. I grew up dancing (tap AND jazz, mind you), and have dibbled in the wondrous world of contra dancing as an adult. Moving my body is easy and glad…but there, in the context of a wedding, a bunch of semi-strangers have to decide together if they wanna go for it.

They have to decide if they are going to do this thing that most people do not have the opportunity to do very often, a thing that involves the risk of embarrassment—that requires that one submit themselves to the whole and to the governance of the beat.

It is quite marvelous, actually, when it happens, for tension leaks out of shoulders and firm eyebrows, bodies loosen and sway, and strangers melt there on the dance floor into comrades in song.

Weddings release many graces amidst the Body of Christ, and I think some of them come through the forms and flows of communal dance. I am thankful for those who braved a moment or two of the dancing. It was a rare gift of being to swirl and laugh and twist in rhythm and in view of Love.

For your pleasure, here is an example of contra dancing. It is a fascinating culture!


For the joy of coming home.

As I shared last week, we went straight “home” to Grandma’s when I finished my finals. It was so healing to be able to spend time with my extended family. Then we rode up into the mountains for the wedding, which was also exceedingly wonderful, as I said.

Coming home, then, Sunday, after all that goodness was the. best.

The apartment was clean. We had food to eat and time to spare. It was glorious.


For homemade blueberry muffins./That it is okay to eat carbs.

Do y’all remember when the big trend was to cut carbs? Is that still a thing? Well, it should not be a thing (unless so advised by a doctor). What is the thing? Eating what you can honestly get your hands on in M O D E R A T I O N and J O Y.

I think the hold of some awful, body-shaming poo poo is finally starting to break away from my personal food and fitness philosophy. The result is that I am learning to listen carefully to the needs of my body. Furthermore, I am learning that my body is worthy of that care and attention; I am learning to love myself.

Therefore, in moderation and joy, I can eat homemade blueberry muffins with no regret. How about that?


For the gift of anger and the crystal-clear energy it lends to the process of figuring out what I really believe, think, know, and want.


For graduations and other important transitions.

Look who's in town! 💜 @adamcoyle

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Three of my siblings graduate this year--my youngest brother Adam (pictured above; from his visit last summer) is up for it tomorrow!—my middle-brother Nathan and his wife are expecting their first child in the fall, and Aaron and I are moving across the country in a month or so! There is definitely a lot going on, but these transitions fill me with hope. I am excited to see what possibilities arise because of these changes.


For the opportunity to get our cars repaired.

Because of that cross-country move I just mentioned, Aaron has turned his attention to our vehicles. They are old and pre-used. However, they are mostly faithful machines that get us where we need to go (air conditioning mostly negotiable). I am thankful for them, that they are paid off in full, and that we have the means to tune them up for the journey ahead. 

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