Snowed-In Chronicles: Seven Gratitudes, Vol. 2

seven gratitudes

Every Friday you will find me and my friends--oh yes, this is a new, beautiful development; see below!--counting our blessings, seven quick thanksgivings at a time.

this week i am grateful:


That I got snowed in with my love.

On the night of Epiphany, the snow started coming down and didn't stop until the next afternoon. We couldn't leave the apartment for three days. It was glorious! There is just something about being tucked up with your beloved when the world's gone quiet and still under its winter blanket...


For NOT having to make that quintessential bread'n'milk run...

"Everyday Oatmeal Bread" from the   Simply in Season   cookbook. And a snazzy snowperson towel from Grandma. 

"Everyday Oatmeal Bread" from the Simply in Season cookbook. And a snazzy snowperson towel from Grandma. 

...because homemade bread was already waiting in the freezer. :) Aaron did make our regular weekly grocery trip when the first flakes started to fall, but bread wasn't on the shopping list.

I had the opportunity over break to bake a huge mess of oatmeal bread, apple-pecan muffins, whole wheat biscuits--basically all of our carbohydrate needs for the next month plus--so we were all set. Go team!


For the chance to remember my baptism.

Baptism of Our Lord was this past Sunday. Church was snowed out, but we still enjoyed remembering the difference the waters of baptism made and continue to make in our lives.

I've been reflecting on my own Baptist baptism this week in a little series. Part III to come soon!


For the beginning of a new semester.

My fourth semester at Wake Forest School of Divinity got off without a hitch this week. I think it's going to be a most stirring semester.

Here's my class list, if you're curious:

  • Old Testament Interpretations II: The second half of my Old Testament cycle. The OT has always been my favorite area of biblical studies, and the Hebrew Bible courses at Wake have been INCREDIBLE. 
  • Art of Ministry Internship: I'll continue serving as a chaplain at Greensboro Urban Ministry by leading chapel every Monday and supporting our shelter guests.
  • Spirituality of the Enneagram: We are using this fascinating personality-type system to both discern more about ourselves and to help folks match with the most helpful spiritual practices for their type. So pumped!
  • An Introduction to Jewish Spirituality & Ecology: Taught by the director of Adamah Farm. Again, SO PUMPED. 
  • Salvation & Wellbeing: Talking about Christianity and happiness and questions of ultimate concern. You know. 


For this video.

Those smiles! That harmony! The song! <3 Seriously. I've watched it almost every day this week. 


in sickness and in health.

Both Aaron and I have endured winter colds here in last 10 days, he first, then me. Things like this make me realize how lucky we are to be able to love one another through the varied realities of our lives. I learn something new about him, about myself, and about what we want to be as we face come what may.

Even silly little colds can illumine love.

I praise God for the ways transformative grace seeps into my being through the blessed sacrament of marriage. 


For awesome folks who want to count their blessings with me!

Seven Gratitudes has turned into a "link up" this week and I am so excited. :) The folks you will find in this little party are some of my favorites, so be prepared for beauty and truth and sharp wit. Check them out!

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