From these last moments at home "in between:" Seven Gratitudes, vol. 24

Seven Gratitudes is a weekly gratitude practice. Several of my friends and I linkup every Friday to share the ways we notice the bubbling and swirling growth of grace in our lives. Thanks for joining the fun! 

Today is packing day! The long-awaited move is nigh! Aaron and our dog Barkley leave tomorrow in a big moving truck for the big state of Texas. Therefore, I have much to be thankful for, and very little time to articulate it. But the moment counts. Appreciation matters—attentiveness to grace makes a difference.

Wherever you find yourself today, beloveds, I pray yours is at least one moment of tickling gratitude, the stuff that reminds us that this life is ablaze with the presence of God.  

This week I am grateful…


For friends who risk intimacy and authenticity despite years of knowing one another.

Brave friends

We got to spend much of last weekend with some of our dearest friends, ones we have loved since college. It strikes me that with people like these, continuing to know and be known by them is a risk.

Continued relationship means risking the glow of good memories for the raw realities of right now.

I am thankful for friends who treasure our “good ol’ days,” but welcome the truth of one another in the present with open eyes, tender hearts, and understanding minds.


For unexpected contacts/a fresh prescription.

Sometime last week I was going through the bathroom cabinet (how such a vast collection gathers, I have no idea) in preparation for our move and found an unopened box of trial contacts. From two years ago. Of course I tried them on—and it was like peering through crystal, friends.

Somehow the prescription was still valid and I find myself the proud owner of 6 months’ worth of fresh vision. Huzzah!


For Sarah Bessey’s little list of writing advice.

I especially appreciate numbers 2 and 8. Check out the full post here.


For afternoon coffee.

I don’t do it often, but this week Aaron and I enjoyed a cuppa in the late afternoon. It made me so happy, that rich, dark nectar of creativity. I went to my evening class with fire in my bones.

I am thankful for how a simple but unexpected half-pot of coffee can turn a whole day around.


For the stolen hour I spent with my guitar this week (learning Moana and Irish folk melodies).

I may have watched Moana for the first time recently. And I may be obsessed. ALL THE HEART EYES, people. ALL OF THEM—this woman is amazing). 

Also, in my own little corner of the world, I am thankful for the way the guitar strings bit my fingers, just a bit. How my voice, timid at first, found its way through new and old tunes. How my whole self seemed to show up as the lyrical stories and melodious swells revealed God’s presence in the room.

Deo gratias.


For these last moments of “in between.”

Feelings of sentimentality and melancholy surprised me this week. About this home we have made in Winston-Salem. We did not plan to live here these last eight months, but it came to pass—and, I am realizing, this place of twixt and tween became home.

I am thankful to see how even the most difficult times of our lives can be transformed by grace into something we will miss, or, in the very least, something that needs a proper goodbye.


For the first phase of our transition to Texas—that the move begins tomorrow!

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And with that, beloveds, you know I must be off to help my beautiful husband with the packing.

Grace and peace to you in your work and love and rest today—