For love that moves, filmic preaching, and Saturday night showers - Seven Gratitudes, vol. 25


Happy Friday, beloveds!

I hope your week has been filled with opportunities for growth, rest, and creativity. Thanks for joining me for #SevenGratitudes this week. For anyone who is new, this year-long weekly series is about cultivating thanksgiving in the midst of the everyday, pausing to allow our hearts and minds to catch up with the waves of grace in our lives.

These little thanksgivings are small stabs at the shadows, the lies that would keep me from seeing the movements of God and Her beloved community. Gratitude is a practice in resistance.

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This week I am grateful for…


Our movers.


These folks right here got up on a Saturday in order to load our moving truck at 7:30 in the morning. Cosmic applause, y’all, cosmic applause. I was so blessed by their willingness, by the goodness in their hearts, and the strength in their bodies. There were smiles and giggles and cheers as we tackled heavy items and tricky turns. It was hard work, but it was also fun.

Because of them.

Their presence transformed our burden into an adventure. They said to that mountain, “Move,” and it did.

I am thankful for how community lifts us up, how they help us touch that thing we could never reach on our own. Here’s to our friends (and my wonderful mama) and the grace they packed into our move.


My cozy little sun room.


Allow me to explain my life for the next six months. Uh hem.

My husband Aaron, and all of our earthly belongings, are in Texas. I am in Winston-Salem, NC finishing summer classes at WakeDiv. We’ll live apart for the next two weeks, travel for various friend and family things, and, then, roadtrip together to our new home in Dallas, Texas by mid-July.

Aaron begins his awesome job with Wilshire Baptist Church on August 1st. I still have a year of seminary left, but have figured out a way—via summer classes and a large load in the fall semester—to finish all of my coursework by December, which is wonderful.

What is challenging is that my husband and I will, therefore, be living apart for about 3.5 months this year.

What is beautiful is that my community, yet again, rose with open arms to help us do what God has called us to do.

Welcome to my little sun room.

Three of my colleagues at WakeDiv threw out this perfectly wild idea: Hey, we have a sun room. There are no doors and it is small, but it overlooks the woods. We’d love to have you.

And thus I find myself surrounded by three powerful, loving women—and Luna the Cat—as I attempt to do the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

If that ain’t a work of grace, I don’t know what to tell ya.

Blessed be the women who make room. Blessed be the trees that greet me in the morning. Blessed be little Luna who has slept curled at my feet every night. And blessed be the God who pulls it all together in a giant, squeezing embrace. Amen.


The decadent pleasure of a whole coffee pot to myself.


As I put away my pantry items here in the Sun Room kitchen, I noticed, with some level of panic, that there was no coffee pot to be found. Nowhere.

So guess who got to buy herself an $8 five-cup coffeemaker?

And guess who gets to drink every. last. drop. all by her onesy?

It feels like a treat. I am thankful for simple things that help me remember that it is alright to be kind to myself. Even to decadence, maybe.


The new birth of a good “Saturday night shower.”

After working hard with my friends to load the moving truck and then clean our old apartment on Saturday I got to experience one of those magic showers. The kind that feels like baptism, where you come out feeling exactly brand new. Refreshed. Clean. Slightly sleepy. Humbled by the way water, soap, and a little bit of time perfectly minister to the worn out soul.

My poppy calls it a “Saturday night shower.” Dad used to joke, “You take one whether you need it or not.” Ha.

Who would ever turn it down?


Love that makes sleeping on hard floors and several states' distance seem like a piece of cake, like totally worthwhile, like no obstacle at all—


Goodness gracious. Sometimes I wonder what Aaron and I have got ourselves into with this life of ours. I thought about that as we rested on the floor of our old apartment Saturday afternoon. I thought about it as we laid in our crude pallet on that same floor for just one more night together in the place that was home.

And then I just smiled because it just makes sense. Together. Even if we’re a billion miles apart.

It makes sense because Love has called us, and we are on the Way.


The chance to cook every meal I have eaten this week.

shepherd's pie

Yep. I did it. Perhaps out of repentance for eating fast food so many times during the moving frenzy of last Friday and Saturday, but I did it.

Aaron and I usually eat every meal at home, of course, but I feel the call of Chik-fil-a’s grilled chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and half-sweet-half-unsweet tea when things get heavy.

Transitioning after the move has been heavy. Good, yes, but also heavy.

And in spite of that heaviness I, Leanna Coyle-Carr, resisted the urge to spend money I do not have on calories that could have been nutritiously sought in my own home-cooking. Whoop!

Thanks be to God, the true Source of comfort and strength.  


Dr. Yang’s challenge to "filmic preaching"--for dialogue between Jesus & Rogue One.

I got to preach for my Hollywood & Homiletics class last night. It was a holy experience that reminded me a bit of who and what I am. It is too easy to forget those things.

My text was Matthew 10:24-39, the gospel text in the lectionary this week where Jesus is smack in the middle of briefing the twelve disciples about their mission in the world. My challenge was to have a deep conversation during my sermon prep with my exegetical work and a pop-film that seemed to “speak the same language” as the scripture story.

Ergo, I spent a lot of time with Matthew 10:24-39 and Rogue One (trailer above) this week.

I am amazed by the Spirit, by revelation, by the fact that God is still drawing close and speaking true--

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

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