For Showing Up, Homemade Bread, and Time Enough: Seven Gratitudes, vol. 6

Welcome to my weekly roundup of seven quick thanksgivings.

In light of both unthinkable hurt and righteous rage in the world, gratitude is a way I seek to stride forward. Others have joined in--and you are welcome, too. Make yourself at home.

This week I am grateful:


For the capacity to do things I do not want to do.

Tuesday was a marathon day. Starting with the first exam of the semester, each of my classes needed something significant from me AND I was obligated to attend a (freaking wonderful, absolutely amazing, so glad I didn’t miss it) thing that night. I felt out of control, like I was not in charge of my own day--which was kinda true, as my dear husband pointed out…

So, it was either submit to the course laid before me, or wuss out.  

I decided to just show up.

I loved myself through feelings of boredom, fear, and irritation—and ended up experiencing a depth in quality of life I never imagined a Tuesday could hold. Had I not shown up, or had I tried to possess the day within myself, I would have missed the raw realness of Tuesday, the stuff that makes me feel scared and, yet, completely alive.

Here’s to showing up, beloveds, and doing things you don’t even want to do. Sometimes it's worth it.   


For the unique, essential gifts of human beings.

My friend James is quite unassuming. In chapel on Mondays he sings along and his eyes shine every once in a while. Sometimes he shakes my hand. This week, however, when it came time for community intercession, James started praying and every hair on the back of my neck stood straight up.

The brother has a gift. His intimate communion with Holy Mystery was so palpably hospitable. In the span of forty seconds or so he prayed for basically everyone in the world, from those in hospital and prison, to those sitting on his left and right. He might have even prayed for you.

James suffered 30-something years with addiction. Most probably would not hire him. Some wouldn’t even meet his gaze.

But James, our brother in this vast, troubled, beautiful human family, bears a gift to soothe our souls, restore our minds, and reveal the glory of God in our midst. Like each and every one of us.

Thanks be to God, and brother James.


For creativity in service to others.

People are clever, ain’t they? This week one of my colleagues brought a toaster to class in order to make the morning special.


For the ritual of homemade bread.


Out of routine (and, well, need—we were out of bread!), I set out to make our weekly loaves the other day. I meant to just hop up and whip them together “right quick,” but the necessary ritual of it slowed me down. 

Way down.

I do not mean that it took a long time to work the dough together. It didn't. It is just that time seemed to glop by only as fast as I kneaded the dough. As I worked the gluten, I forgot my to-do list and remembered to breathe, relax my shoulders, and clue into the moment.


Homemade bread: yet another way to touch truth.


For time enough.

I am thankful for whatever possessed me to plot out my week by the hour. 


A professor told me that God has given us enough time to do what we are called to do. The invitation, then, is to discern whether our time is going toward what we are called to do.

The popular story might be that there are not enough hours in the day, but I was overjoyed to find plenty.


For laundry machines.

Each time I walk past our laundry closet I feel like I am baptized all over again. Maybe that’s a little extreme. But really. Glory, glory, hallelujah—


Thankful that I do not have to wash by hand or haul everything to a launderette (as I did for the first six years of my 20s). Thankful to have a way to clean my clothes. 


For St. Valentine.

February 14th is just on the other side of the weekend. <3 Y'all ready?

Consumerism be damned, I'll take any opportunity to celebrate the liberating wonder of love. Or a compelling saint. Or both. 

Stay ye tuned--and enjoy these free printable valentines from Catholic All Year. She calls them Catholic valentines, but I think they cross the divide. ;) 

Update: Check out "Valentine's Resistance" here!

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