In No Particular Order: Pizza, Multiple Conversations, & Sex - Seven Gratitudes, vol. 7

A spiritual practice is an activity through which we engage God, self, and creation that deepens our awareness of liberation and communion. It truly is practice, practice in loving God, self, and other.

We practice anything we care about, you know.

Seven Gratitudes is a weekly spiritual practice for me and several of my friends. My intention is that by carefully considering and joyfully sharing my thanksgivings, I might be moved to a deeper sense of God’s pervasive presence in the world and, also, my place in it.

I was dearly hoping to meet you here, too.

There’s a lot in the world that would keep us from rehearsing our gratitude, friends. I celebrate, however, your presence and the chorus we make for praise, no matter what.

Thanks for being here. 

This week I am grateful:


For Spirit-sensitive mentors.

I am still unpacking the beautiful, insightful, life-altering conversation I had with Helen, my chaplaincy supervisor, earlier this week. The Spirit was wooing us both. I could feel it.

I am thankful for the wisdom garnered from a long walk with Holy Mystery. Chaplain Helen has such a sense of authenticity and grounded-ness. When she talks about God, I don’t feel fooled or talked down to.

When she talks about God, it is because God is in the room.


For truth-telling colleagues.

Just about every time I turned around this week I was surprised by a colleague’s readiness to tell the truth. I am thankful for that. I am thankful for the ways my prejudices, preconceived notions, and fears are sanded down through heart-to-heart encounters with my peers.


That my period is zero-waste.

First things first: Menstruation is celebrated around here. Absolutely no shame. For the Birds is a body-positive zone, alright?

Luna. Captured over the weekend.

Luna. Captured over the weekend.

As my period wrapped up over the weekend—during that glorious moon event!—I realized that the bathroom wastebasket was empty. This has been true for several years now. This time, however, I cheered. 

Menstruation is a powerful experience of creativity. Of connectedness. I am thankful for the ways it rekindles my sense of womanhood. Through hormonal ebbs and flows, the entire menstrual cycle is an opportunity for self-discovery. I find that I am more easily in sync with how I really feel and what I really believe during different times of my cycle. In a world of mixed messages and 'fake news,' embodied truth--and learning to trust my body--is a blessing!

Did I just imply my bloody cycle helps me defeat lies and schemes of destruction in our world? I think I did. Let's just sit with that one for a bit.

When I saw that empty wastebasket I cheered for the fact that my period does no harm to the earth. In an instant I connected with the ways I have been made to feel shame in the past for my feminine "inconvenience" and got to revel in saying NO. Being female is not inconvenient or wrong or shameful. To be female is to bear the imago dei--it is connection with the blessed generative femininity in all creation and Creator.

To have found a way in my society to bleed in peace is a step toward liberation. And I am thankful.

Menstrual #QuickSwitch forthcoming, beloveds.


For people who are genuinely interested in my projects.

Several folks have reached out with questions about my personal projects this week--which freakin' MEANS THE WORLD TO ME.

Even more awesome? Getting to witness their own wheels a’turnin’. I love the ways pretty cool ideas shared among kindred hearts seem to turn into even better ideas.


For the best pizza I’ve ever made in my life.


Bad picture, good pizza.

Find the crust recipe here. Martha won’t steer ya wrong!


For cheap dates.

#batmanlegomovie #yes #wedid

#batmanlegomovie #yes #wedid

Fun doesn’t have to cost a thing. And, sometimes, dinner and a movie only costs ya $18.90.


And had a blast. <3


And for sex.

I so get this.

I so get this.

Thankful. Thankful that sex is even a thing. Isn’t it incredible that Someone saw fit for sex to be a thing?

Truly glorious, Love is. 


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