I'm going to be an aunt! Seven Gratitudes, Vol. 8

It's time for another round of 7 quick thanksgivings--our weekly gratitude practice.

This week I am grateful:


For a little one on the way--I'm gonna be an aunt!

Nathan + Calyn's little announcement this week. <3

Nathan + Calyn's little announcement this week. <3

I knew something was going on. Word got around that my extended family was gathering up this past weekend. I, of course, grad student that I am, was at home typing away. All my furious keying, however, did not impede the churning of my intuition. I knew something was up.

And then the phone buzzed Saturday morning, right after breakfast. A FaceTime call from my brother Nathan.





I haven't cried that hard in months! So much utter goodness. And all the feels.

Welcome to the family, little one.

Can’t wait to welcome you earthside.


Auntie Leanna


For the sights, sounds, & smells of home.

Barkley and I have gone on a lot of walks this week in our apartment community. I love the energy around here at the end of a work day, when folks are getting home and kids are out scooting (this just in: Razor scooters are still happening!) or just being silly with the last few beams of daylight. We’ve made friends. Whistled with the birds. Caught jazz wafting out from open windows; calls to prayer, too. Smelled tantalizing suppers from around the world right here in our own neighborhood. Seen trees come to full bloom.

Glory is all around.


For phone lines.


The phone let me hear the hearts of some of my dearest friends this week, despite the miles and miles holding us apart. I have a hard time with the many states and time zones between us, but I’m really okay with technology that lets me hear their truths, their dreams, and their mischief.

Phone lines don’t exist anymore, though, do they? My gratitude should be for cell phone magic. I am thankful for cell phone magic.

(I love my friends. I forget the richness of our connection and depth of communion too often--sometimes it is hard to hold that much holy. But we were made for it, weren't we?) 


That Aaron got to conference it up this week AND that he comes home today!


My husband’s been away all. week. long. at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship's “ChurchWorks” gathering in Jacksonville, FL. You know, suffering for the Lord. ;)

It has been beautiful to hear of the healing, creative work going on there. I have been thrilled to support my partner in his work. His joy, growth, and fulfillment set my heart on fire.

And yet, with the same passion--with equal intensity--I have missed him. We do what we gotta do, of course. We will always support one another in our work, wherever it takes us. But a sweet aching teaches me all over again why we are doing this life together, side by side. 

I am SO ready for that plane to arrive tonight!


That a movie like this is due in theaters in such a time as this.

The Shack was a significant bridge in my faith journey when it first came out a few years ago. If you haven’t read the story, please receive my wholehearted recommendation. We can talk about it if you want.

I am excited that we get to see Trinity in such beautiful, mutual-loving diversity during a time like this—of racist upheaval, presidential bigotry, and patriarchal fear in America.

We need this story. Can’t wait to see what all that they’ve done with it.


For a trove of delayed valentines.

After I dropped Aaron off at the airport on Sunday afternoon and endured an hour or so of bumper-to-bumper boredom as I drove home, I noticed that I was not, shall we say, in the best of moods.

I was grouchy. Irritable. Feeling defensive. Which means that I was really, actually, feeling quite sad. And maybe a little alone. Sometimes we just do, don't we?

It was then that I found a little mountain of valentines waiting in our mailbox, delayed by the postal fairies of Alaris Village.

God bless them. And God bless my modern-day St. Valentines. Their warm thoughtfulness and nourishing provision helped me remember that I am loved and supported and wanted—precisely when I needed it most.


For you, gentle reader.

I wrote about sustainable menstrual care this week. It is something I feel strongly about because of the freedom and peace it has given me, but I can imagine the emotions a topic like that could stir up for folks. I am so thankful for all of you who read How to Bleed in Peace. I am thankful for your messages, comments, shares, and likes. Your interest gives me hope for this precious world and your support gives me so much joy and encouragement! 

Thanks for welcoming my thoughts, and for being here.


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