Talk About Humbling

Talk about humbling.

My best friend, whom I have not seen in over 10 months, came to visit last week.

And it was definitely a w e e k.

You know the space: real, ordinary days with expectations and obligations and work that is not necessarily choice.

Kelli came into that. She drove 8+ hours to come into that and I found myself apologizing and making excuses for that in my head over and over again.

And I am different. I have changed physically, emotionally, theologically—she came to that.

Kelli also came into a physical space that is not exactly our home.

Aaron and I live in a lovely carriage house. It is wonderful and perfect for our “in between” situation; we moved here to wait for Aaron’s first ministerial call. Rent is low, lease is flexible, landlady has us over dinner, and I could technically bike to school.

It is also fully furnished. This adds to the convenience, but Aaron and I both feel like we are living in a vacation home. There is really no “nesting.” We are living in a guest house and it feels like it.

The carriage house is a true and felt symbol of liminality. It is temporary shelter, and we are thankful for it— 

But it does not feel like the ideal setting to deal with Joaquin's humidity and loss, to mourn the State-murder of a woman in Georgia, or to cry for the victims of yet another senseless rampage, and certainly not when guests are over. There is no air conditioning, no privacy... no hiding...

It was in the midst of the heat, the death, the liminality, the scarcity, the changes, and the obligations that Kelli came and made herself at home.

Her ease and hospitality rubbed off on me, worked on me, and let me know where I was raw.

My friend hosted me in my own place/home/house.

Cooking, cleaning, figuring, listening, giving.

She went WAY out of her way and met us right where we are.

That is grace, friends, and it is something that makes me ache with gratitude. It moves me to awe and tears.

Kelli brought Jesus into my home in a way that made me sit at His feet and receive.




This is grace.


Who graces you? Feel free to leave odes to your friends, the ones who bring Jesus in.