So, why is this blog "for the birds?"

I'm glad you asked. 


1. God's eye is on the sparrow, but our eyes are not. 

This blog serves as a regular reminder to see the marginalized, be that in a biological sense or socio-political. Jesus said that God is mindful of the sparrow’s flight and the flower’s splendor, and yet I forget them both. I also forget my sisters and brothers on the fringe of society. Naming my blog FOR THE BIRDS is one small way I am practicing mindfulness toward the whole of creation.

See here a story of the albatross. They bear the consequences of our unmindful society. 

2. Some people say simple living is “for the birds,” and I want to respect that.

Why would you make more work for yourself?

We’re in the 21st century, remember? 

Why do you eat everything out of a mason jar?! Ever heard of Tupperware? 

You hippie, tree-huggin’ bleepety-bleep—

I’ve heard them all. Following God’s call to faith, making-home, and keeping the earth is straight up weird to some folks and really unappealing to others. Not everyone understands or appreciates the path I tread, and that is okay.

In fact, there are droves of women from not so distant generations that find chicken keeping and bean soaking a step backward, perhaps even a voluntary imprisonment. May I be ever considerate of these women for whom patriarchy made simple living not choice or privilege but something akin to indentured servitude. 

3. Because Chickens.


And sometimes you just have to put a bird on it.