For an epic week and a roadtrip tomorrow! - Seven Gratitudes, vol. 50

Beloveds, I’m writing this #SevenGratitudes to you quickly from atop my bed at Grandma’s house this Thursday night because tomorrow I am driving home to my husband. Mama and I are roadtripping. It is going to be epic.

This week has been epic. Here are a few snippets of gratitude, the ones I dare touch on the tails of such a momentously big week.

Thanks for being here.

This week I am grateful…


For the journey.

I got to walk a labyrinth this week, my final week at WakeDiv. God walked with me. She made the path rise up to meet me. That was a gift of the walk—to process and learn in my body and in my soul that it is God who makes the way. It is only up to me to walk in it, to lean into the opportunities that She creates.

I am thankful that my ability, though important, is not the deciding question. God beckons. I go.


For final submissions.


After I walked that labyrinth I went back to my Winston-Salem apartment for one last evening with my roomies. Ate pizza together and watched Project Runway while I cried in waves and cheered in starts.

During a twenty minute break in our viewing I turned in my very last assignment of grad school.

Right there, in a space that became a home away from home, surrounded by women who became my friends, I finished the whole thing.

One genuine hoot of exaltation, one sigh of relief, and we went back to Project Runway—I, for one, need time and space before I begin to work through and feel all the many things finishing divinity school means to me. Somehow my roomies were good with that. They celebrated with me and then let me set the bigness aside for the evening.

Thankful, so thankful, for those occasions of submission—to academia and my roommates’ intuitive hospitality.


For goodbyes and clever packing.


My friends loved on me with such intention Wednesday. Laurie took me out for lunch and basically held my heart all afternoon. Holly pulled out Bananagrams at just the right moment. Meagan made me giggle, like she does. Adam handled the technical car-packing strategy.

They ministered to me with their presence, their ability to move heavy things, and their willingness to be there in the tension with me as I physically packed up a whole chapter of my life.

The whole day was a process of goodbye. They helped me approach it and do it, packing away memories and lessons with me.

Thankful for that moment when it was finally time to say it out loud, goodbye. I love you.


Their hugs pulled the last things into place, all packed up—sending me off whole.


For those moments when folks just “get” you. No explanation needed.


For the chance to be with both of my brothers in the same day.


Adam took an oath of peace today when he became a State Trooper for South Carolina. Nathan was there as a surprise and as an official representative of the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Department.

Long story short, I am incredibly proud of them both. I love them both.

And today I got to hug them both, these brothers of my mine.


Thankful for these marvelous humans who share blood with me, memories with me that no one else ever could. Thankful for the people they are becoming.

Thankful to always be their sister.


For new tires.

When I drove to my grandparents’ house last night a part of me felt like I was spiritually holding my car together! Ha! Today my Uncle Travis helped me connect with a trustworthy mechanic who fixed me up with fresh oil and new tires. The ride is so different and I feel ready for a roadtrip.

Thankful for the resources necessary to take care of my car. Thankful for an uncle who helps me do stressful things.


For going home.

Tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. my mama and I leave for our roadtrip. Fourteen or so hours later we hope to be in Dallas with my husband.

And I will be home for good, which will make for the best birthday ever.

Thank God.

Thank God.

Thank God.

Thanks for counting these snippets of thanksgiving with me, beloveds. 

Next stop: Dallas!